Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Road Trips From A to Z

Good thing the guitar never fell on her head...

Over the last two months, we have driven approximately 4,500 miles here in the States.  I can sometimes exaggerate things, but I am actually undershooting the mileage here.  I promise!  I used Google maps, for goodness sake.

So, minus the countless trips to and from events, houses, meetings, etc. while in the major cities...we have really gotten used to driving.  "Gotten used to" is a phrase I am using casually here.  I have heard enough Action Bible songs and screaming fits from the backseat than I would like to admit...but for the most part, our travels have been pretty uneventful.  There was that time when we almost ended a deer's life somewhere in the Hill Country.  That deer was dumb, I tell you.  And, we, for sure, were thanking God for the grace He gave us not to wreck Treavor's Dad's awesome SUV.  "Hallelujah!" was heard from everyone.  

In all our travels, we have experienced much.  Here is the last two months of driving in a witty acrostic poem.  I am not a poet, but i'll try my best:

A - Action Bible Songs on repeat.  Is "Onward Christian Soldiers" disturbing to anyone else but me?

B - Best Car Packer Award goes to...Treavor!  How he fit it all in, i'll never ever know.

C - Coffee.  Gallons of it.

D - Down, down, down.  The further south we drove, the cheaper the gas prices.  Crazy Northerners.

E - Elmo's ABC's app on the iPad is Kyla's new best friend.

F - Friends and Family are what makes all the travel worth it!

G - G.P.S. saved our lives a dozen times.  And, maybe our marriage, too.  Can't argue with the lady on the screen!

H - Hand sanitizer for all the pit stops.  We have seen some rough bathrooms, lemme tell ya.

I - "I spy" has been the best game ever to kill a bad mood in our kids.

J - Just how full can that diaper get before we have to stop?

K - "Keep to the right side of the road."  We still need reminders.  Toto, we're not in Thailand anymore!

L - Lord of the Rings audio books kept Treavor awake at 3am.  Frodo!!!

M - McDonald's golden arches are recognized by a 2-year old yelling "Fries! Fries!"

N - Neck pillow.  Saved my life.

O - Oklahoma is more beautiful than you would think.

P - Prayer.  Oh, how we prayed!  

Q - Questions galore: "What does 'Don't Mess With Texas' mean?" 

R - Rest Area Wi-fi helps us get our email fix!

S - Screams.  Fits.  Cries. Whimpers.  Whines.  "Are we there yet?"  By the children, and...me.

T - Three overnight trips back and forth from Illinois to Texas.  Are we crazy?

U - Undereye circles.

V - Very good times with people.  Like I said before...it has made it all worth it!

W - "What city are we in?  Where are we going now?" = mantra of my kids.

X - X-tra late nights and early mornings.

Y - You can use a baby wipe to clean up just about anything.

Z - ZZZs...didn't get much.  But, hey, sleep is overrated, right?  

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