Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Redefining Home Book Giveaway Winner!

My New Book!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Redefining Home book giveaway!  

The winner is...

Alicia Nahirny!!!

She commented below:

Alicia NahirnyCollapse
Oh yes, definitely used a squatty potty! Spent a month in Thailand many years ago now with YWAM :)

You have won one copy of Carrie Anne Hudson's new book - which will be mailed to you as soon as a mother-of-five-living-overseas can manage it!  Please send me your mailing address to ordinaryalina@gmail.com as soon as possible to get the process going.  Carrie will be mailing it directly from her home country, so give it at least a couple of weeks.  Congratulations!  You are going to LOVE this book!

To everyone else who didn't get randomly chosen by the computer, you can find her book on Amazon here!

***Public Service Announcement: our family will be traveling back to Thailand in just one week!  Stay tuned for more (frequent) installments of Ordinary Life In The Wild here!  Can't wait to jump back into it soon!  Thanks for reading!***

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Redefining Home Book Giveaway!

This book could be on YOUR shelf soon!

Last Spring, I ordered the book (seen above), Redefining Home: Squatty Potties, Split Pants & Other Things That Divide My World, written by a new friend of mine, Carrie Anne Hudson.  I first knew about her writing through my BFF, Steph, and instantly fell in love with her hilarious, insightful, thought-provoking, smart and honest blog, Rescued Remnant.  I just knew her online, but then...

...I got to meet her in person!  Her family, who lives in our area of the world, was on holiday in the city we live in and Carrie, Steph and I got to meet at Starbucks (that blessed establishment) for some girl chat.  She is exactly as she portrays herself in her writing; transparently real, funny, wise and truly fun.  

As she is, she writes about her life learning Chinese, mothering five little ones, living in a very foreign, but now familiar culture...keeping her head afloat and thriving in what can be a very stressful way of life.  

She wrote a book chronicling her wild, but awesome life - and you're gonna need some serious bladder control if you want to get through some of the more hilarious moments.  Trust me. 

In her own words about the book. "It's a look at real life overseas. From the humiliating encounters with a fruit vendor to being swept into a Chinese funeral procession, we are kept humbled and alert."

Carrie has offered to give a paperback copy of her new book to the winner of a giveaway I'm hosting here on my blog.  You ready?

To make an entry, please answer one or more of the following questions in the comments below:

1.  What is the current population of China?
2.  Have you ever used a squatty potty?
3.  What exactly ARE split pants?

Other ways to enter:

4.  "Follow" my blog.  (Scroll to the top right of this page to see how to follow)
5.  "Follow" Carrie's blog (click here to visit Rescued Remnant)
6.  "Like" Carrie's Facebook Page (click here to go to her page)
7.  Tweet about her new book Redefining Home (click for the Amazon link)
8.  Share about her new book Redefining Home on Facebook. 
(make sure that you comment and tell me about #4 - #8 if you do them!)

Look at that!  You have eight different ways to enter this giveaway!  What are you waiting for?  Crack open your Google search page, visit our blogs or blab about this book on the WWW.  Go ahead! Better your chances and win this book!

The deadline for this giveaway is Monday, July 23rd at noon (Mountain Standard Time).  I will announce the (randomly-picked-by-the-computer) winner sometime that evening.  Make sure you don't post anonymously (at least leave your first name or log in)!

Hope you win!  I LOVE this book!

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