Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

7 years ago, yesterday, I married the love of my life!

Treavor gave me part of my anniversary gift, our wedding photos!  (He's currently at the photo shop getting them printed and framed: the other part of my gift.)  When we moved here 2 yrs and 3 months ago (wow, time flies), I thought for SURE that I had packed our wedding photo CD in our bags.  I wanted to set up our house, and then print new copies and decorate our walls with them.  After finally getting things settled, we realized that I, in fact, had left them in America.  I was crushed. 

So, after talking about it for years now, we finally have them!  Treav's mom found her copy of the CD and Treav hijacked her computer (don't ask me how, I'm not that technologically savvy) and downloaded them straight from her hard drive. 

He showed me them two nights ago, and it was quite fun to reminisce. 

In honor of our anniversary, here are some of those wedding pics to enjoy:

getting ready

I had awesome bridesmaids...they helped me to finish up all the wedding prep as I was locked away in the dressing room.  Here is Christina and Kathryn *anxiously* awaiting their next assignment.

Alisa and Kathryn - and the gorgeous flowers by Rosetree!

The gals.  Valerie, Elizabeth, my sis (and maid-of-honor) Shannon, me, Kathryn, Christina and Alisa
Love this shot.  It makes me smile.  Billy, the Best Man, Ricky and Treav

The guys (and ring-bearer).  MJ, Derek, Billy, Ricky (Treav's brother - then, 4!), Treavor, Aric, Brandon and Billy

My pretty mommy!

My Dad and me walking down the aisle.  It was such a special moment for us!
Robert officiated our wedding.  He was awesome!

We had such a sweet time of worship at the beginning of the ceremony.  The crowd was packed and the singing was loud!


Treavor washed my feet just like Jesus washes His own Bride.  I wonder if there was even a dry eye in the whole place! Treavor was weeping and it wasn't hard for everyone in attendance not to follow suit.

The kiss.  Woohoo!
We had our wedding overlooking the lake and timed the sunset JUST right!

This cake was amazing!  Lisa D made it and surprised me with fondant icing - my favorite! 

Our getaway car.  The car was filled with silly-string, confetti and balloons.  It was quite a sight!

Thanks to my lovely Aunt Patty, we have these pictures!  She took them all!  And, thanks to Treav's mom and my husband, of course, now we have them here with us!  It was the best anniversary gift I could have received this year.

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  1. hooraaaay! That day was pretty amazing, sweet friend, and these pictures prove it! You're right, Treavor was a mess, which made us all a mess...except you! I remember the officiant saying something along the lines of, "okay guys, we're going to have to pull it together..." fun memories! love you guys and congratulations!!!


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