Monday, June 20, 2011

Shark Teeth And Other Happenings

Yesterday was Father's Day!

Happy belated Father's Day to everyone who is a Dad, a Dad-who's-expecting, a Grandpa, a god-father, an Uncle, or just a really awesome guy who fathers other people to wholeness.  THANK YOU for all that you are and all that you do!

This week, there was a lot that went on.  What better way than to re-cap with some pictures.  Since they're worth a thousand words already, I can save some time and some mental energy by posting them.  Laziness at it's finest, folks. 

Jeshurun has "shark teeth."  Did you know this?  His first adult tooth came in this week, but BEFORE the baby one fell out!

His smile, "before" the baby tooth got pulled.

We decided to take him to our dentist friend to get the front teeth pulled so his tooth would have some extra room.  Apparently, sometimes the baby teeth never fall out and people are left with two rows of teeth!  Even with his new lisp, he feels more like 15 than 5.  Having your first adult tooth does that to a boy.

Run's smile "after" the teeth pulling.  He's so cute I could squeeeeeze him!
We got lots of extra play time with Sammy, Lily, Elliot and Jed this week!  One of the fun things we did was make cool name-tag bracelets out of construction paper and pipe cleaners.
Run and Lily are practically inseparable.  Considering they are 5 and 6, we're not too worried.  But, in a few years a good DTR might be in order.  :)
Treavor joined in on the fun and led "Head and Shoulders"...

...and taught the kids "P.E."  Push-ups, sit ups, stretches, jumping was quite a sight!
The "big kids" and I learned about atoms, molecules and materials.  Then, we went on a "materials" hunt all around the house.

We read The House at Pooh Corner and the kids did their own illustrations while they listened.

Later that day, we watched an old-school Winnie The Pooh movie.  They didn't like it.  One bit.  As you can see, they were very dis-interested!
The kids and I made our own play-dough.  They all chose their own colors and mixed them into the dough.  Here's Elliot proudly displaying his pink cave!

Want to make your own play-dough?  It is really simple!

Homemade Play-Dough (recipe from my Sonlight curriculum)

Mix 1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup salt, 1 tablespoon oil, and 2 tablespoons cream of tartar into a pan.  Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture forms a ball.  Cool on waxed paper. Knead food coloring into a ball when cool enough to handle.  Store in a sealable bag.  Will keep for several weeks if stored properly.

We ended our fun time with a puppet show.  They made up a story about monsters, princes and princesses, moving kingdoms, dying and such.  They are a hilarious and creative little bunch!

How have you been making the summer special so far?

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