Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Things I Like Today

#5.  These adorn my front porch!
1.  Party planning.  Kyla's 1st birthday is 1.5 weeks away and my mind is swimming.  In a good way.  My endless thoughts include images of pink cupcakes, polka-dots, roses and photo collages.  I am SO excited!

2.  Treav's new hat (looks something similar to this).  He is so fly.  Is it still cool to say "fly"?  I obviously wouldn't know...

3.  The smell of decaf coffee wafting from the kitchen.  Thanks, Tiffany!

4.  Finally hanging up pictures, my clock, a shelf, etc. downstairs.  Did I mention we've lived here for 10 months already?  That's why it is somewhat of an accomplishment!

5.  New baby orchid blooms. 

6.  That God is enough for me.

7.  New notebooks.  Does anybody else just LOVE the smell and look of a clean, spankin' new spiral notebook?  You can read about it's purpose, here.

8.  This website: http://orgjunkie.com/ The look of this site is awesome!  It inspires me!

9.  Impromptu dinner dates with friends.  I love Stephanie, View and P. Nit!  It was kind of a girls' night out...with 7 children.  So, kind of not...but the closest to a girls' night that we've ever had!

10. The time when my husband finally comes home.  I can breathe again.


  1. What a beautiful flower! Wow. Love your list. Although I will say that the organization one might possibly throw me over the edge of my mommy guilt mountain :) Oh ya, and no, my husband doesn't even know about the wolf encounter yet b/c he is stateside and currently sleeping. I'm sure he'll be delighted when he wakes up to read it. :)

  2. Yeah - love those orchids. Here there are several kinds that are only about $1.50 a piece. They make me smile!
    The organization website LOOKS good, I said...the implementing part is a whole 'nother story! No need to feel the guilt! ;)


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