Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Comfort Food

The boys and I are a little under the weather today.  And, the weather today is, you could say, tumultuous?

How's that for a five-dollar word?

It started out sunny and bright (like most days here) - with the promise of low humidity.  The mountain of dirty clothes that is growing at my house finally looked like it had a chance of diminishing.  I could finally hang my laundry!  Or, so I thought. 

10:30am rolled around, and gale-force winds surprised us, as if out of nowhere!  We looked outside and the trees were like rolling waves.  The rain was at about a 45 degree angle, and was just bucketing out of the sky!

The rest of the day was rainy, off and on.  It is the rainy season.  And, I am glad.  Soooo glad.  Eventually I will find the daily rain showers more than annoying.  But, for now, it is refreshing and cools down the air enough so I can feel like we don't live in an oven anymore. 

What goes best with cool weather and achy bodies?


You people in the States are probably scoffing at me right you start to turn down your indoor air conditioners and whip up tuna salad or something not so steamy for supper.  But we, in our oh-so-cool 77 degrees, are craving hot soup and putting on socks.  At least, I am.

After living here for over two years, 77 degrees is like a breezy Fall day.  Laugh, you may, but I am not at all joking.  :)

Eat some chili this week.

Kyla did.

And she LOVED it!

Just don't spread it all over your body like she did.

What are you cookin' up in the kitchen lately?  This lazy cook needs some ideas!

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