Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ode to Mosquitoes

An Ode to Mosquitoes
Pioneer Woman style (a list of haikus)...

lovely mosquito
why is it that you like me
and cause me much pain?

quit buzzing my ear
i'm trying hard to swat you
but you're too dang small!

quietly perching
on my bare legs so softly
tearing into flesh

quickly i slap at
your stealthy and frail body
splat! you're dead! oh joy!

though, it seems to be
in vain because you've chosen
to invite the fam!

i slap and i hit
seething and wond'ring why I
came outside at all. 

mosquito, my friend
why don't you die and cause this
torture meet it's end?

- signed, the woman who foolishly chose to pull weeds near dusk only to meet a crafty swarm of blood suckers who apparently saw me as a waiting banquet.  my itchy and welt-ridden skin will have it's vengeance!  one day!


  1. Ohhh Alina! I'm sorry to say that I truly do understand your pain :) I have the scars to prove it... (SIGH)...

  2. no joke. i used to wonder why most Thai kids had scarred legs. now i know!


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