Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's Growing Way Over Here

Rose Apples from our backyard
(NOT!) A baby. 

After typing in this post's title, I wondered if anyone would think this was some vague attempt at a baby announcement or something.  It is most definately not.  Though, all the Grandmas in our family are probably bummed now.  Sorry!

Anyway...the green-house feeling that the rainy season brings is sometimes a blessing and a curse.  For people like me, with a black thumb, it is a BLESSING!

Check out what's growing in the yard lately...(or, sort of in my pots count?):

My painted rose bush blooms once a month, and I promptly pick them and adorn the dining room table.  This is obviously not the dining room table, but I thought I'd capture them in the natural light instead. 
The "vase" they're in is actually a recycled 30 cent Pepsi bottle (sans label).  I think they're so cute that i'm *having* to buy one every now and then to add to my collection of bud vases.  It is a chore, I tell ya. :)

The flowers on this water lily bloom for one day and then fall back into the pond to be replaced by another beautiful bloom the next day.  I can't imagine a better $5 to spend on one plant! 
And, I never have to water it! ;)  That's even better!

The seedlings are showing promise.  My gardener Dad would be so proud that I haven't killed them yet! 

 Can you guess that this is Basil?  Check out the smallest leaves.  Can you guess what that crazy purple smoke is in the top right of this pic?  Yep, neither can I. 

 This cilantro looks more like grass to me right now.  But, hey, I'll take it!

The Dill I planted with seeds from I managed to get from Bangkok is the most prolific right now.  Go figure.  The American seeds are doing well, but Thailand triumphs so far!

 It is amazing that these baby Dills will grow from this to...


Lastly, the storm last week knocked down one of our beloved banana trees, so the bunches on it sat in the mud for a few days.  One of the neighbor kids noticed it and said something to me about it, so Treavor hung it up outside to finish ripening.  That's what the Thais told us to do, so we obey!  I have never taken care of fruit trees in my life, and it such a part of every-day life here for our country friends - so we're always deferring to their advice.   

These are going to make a LOT of banana smoothies, banana bread, and snacks for the kids. 

YES!  One less trip to the store...

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