Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Things (Sounds) I Like Today

The very vocal Tokay.  One of the sounds I will miss (seriously!).  photo credit

Updating my status on Facebook this weekend led me to this post.  It is amazing how we connect sights, smells and sounds to our memories; cherished and not-so-cherished.  These are 10 sounds I am definitely going to miss while we're gone on our four-month adventure to the States:

1.  The nightly call of the Tokay gecko that lives at our house.  Click here to hear the sound.  This is the first animal sound Kyla ever mimicked and it is a hilarious form of entertainment to see her get excited and repeat after him every night she hears him.  I will miss the Tokay.  We will play his call sometime in the States to give her some form of comfort in uncertain surroundings.  

2.  The cow bell that plays during the concerts and events that happen in our area of town.  The clink clink clink of it is oddly comforting and a reminder that we are not in Kansas anymore.  Though, hearing its cadence all night would surely keep me up, so I am glad for my loud air conditioner.

3.  The Thai National Anthem.  Listen to it here.  It is played every day at 8am and 6pm on the television and radio (every station!) and through the speaker system of public areas.  Everyone who hears it is expected to stand, stop what they are doing, be silent and honor the kingdom of Thailand.  It is incredibly moving and meditative to stop and reflect on the people and the King of this wonderful country.  I will miss the ways Thais honor their government and fellow people.  It is a rousing song and quite a sight to see everyone pause to do this!

4.  The sound of the saxophone that plays every day on our street in our neighborhood.  A Korean man who lives two doors down plays Christmas carols and other random songs every day.  7am.  10am.  2pm.  Whenever!  There is no schedule he keeps - except to keep at it.  Hilarious!

5.  The sound of a Thai cook making som tam, a spicy papaya salad.  To make it, the cook uses a mortar and pestle to crush all the vegetables/fruit/spices and juices together.  There is even a popular song written with this sound intertwined with the music.  Watch some Thai kids sing it here.

6.  The fireworks that boom from the temples nearby.  At some funerals here, fireworks are set off to ward off evil spirits.  The same act occurs at temples frequently throughout the week.  Hearing the fireworks go off reminds me to pray for Thai people to be free from fear and to come to a knowledge of God and his power over the spirits that plague them.

7.  My neighbor, Grandma Cool, calling at the front gate.  She walks to to feed the fish in the canal every day and loves to drop by some Thai fruit or dessert for the kids.  I will miss her - our best neighbor!

8.  The voices of friends here;  the S-clan and others who call us, hang out with us, counsel us, encourage us and challenge us with their lives.  I will miss the familiar voices who call on the phone or laugh with us over lunch and trips to the park.  

9.  The hum and rumble and vroom of hundreds of motorbikes.  The drone of these slightly more dangerous, but oh so convenient means of transportation is a part of the every-day melody we hear from outside.  Just the sound of Treavor's motorbike coming down our street causes the kids to jump up from their play with excitement as they run to the door to greet him.  I love that sound.  That sound means help is on the way.  ;)

10.  And...of course...the Thai language.  When I first started listening to Thai, I would almost laugh because of the strange cacophony of sounds.  The 5 tones of Thai and the way it rises and dips in expression was a little comical to me...not to mention, confusing.  Now, it sounds like a song and I will miss this creative communication on a daily basis.


  1. What a wonderful list. I am new to your blog. Glad I found it!!

  2. Glad you've stopped by to read, Alicia! Welcome to our ordinary life in the wild!


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