Monday, March 12, 2012

These Two: Tan and Ko

One of my favorite pics from Tan and Ko's wedding reception.  These two are so fun!

This past weekend, our friends, Tan and Ko, celebrated their wedding...again.  Last May, they got married in Australia where they were living, but Tan's family wanted to celebrate them with an wonderful reception in her home town.  The place was packed!  Even though the reception was a four-hour drive away, we really wanted to go and support them and rejoice with them and their family!

It has been the BIGGEST joy to get to know them lately.  We met at a local worship gathering and Tan and I chatted as the kids ran amok all around us.  She expressed sweet thanks for families like us who move away from home and everything familiar to be able to love on Thais the way Jesus does.  When we met, I had been praying and praying for Thai friends here in our new city that we could eat with, play with, pray with, go out and share with, encourage and be encouraged by them.  Tan and her husband Ko are exactly that - great friends.

We watched them this past weekend as they served others like crazy.  They booked hotel rooms, picked up out of town friends, called a million people, texted instructions, help make and serve food and take a billion pictures with reception guests - all with smiles and servant-heartedness.  They challenge me with their laid-back attitudes and with their joy.  

I wish I got better pictures of them during all the festivities, but I just got a few of the kids.  But, I stole this one from Facebook:

And now, I can't resist posting a few pictures of the nuggets.  One day I will be at their wedding receptions...what?  *tear*

Kyla kisses the "groom" bear at a photo op at the reception

Huy simply couldn't resist kissing the "bride."  

The ipad saves the day again.  Unruly kids at a reception can never resist the temptation of the ipad.  

The favors we received - these cute salt and pepper shakers!

Pucker up!

Tan and Go!  Congrats!

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