Tuesday, May 15, 2012

8 Years Later! Happy Anniversary!

Eight years ago today, I married the love of my life, Treavor!  And, yes, our marriage is still going strong - even through living in three different countries, moving houses every. single. year...three kids 6 and under, working overseas and a myriad of other possible stressful situations.  In every season, God has given us the grace to learn how to bless one another in marriage.  Without God's help, I simply don't know how anyone can do it!  And, for me, it isn't really all that hard to love Treavor...he's incredibly handsome (just ask anyone ;)...he loves God like crazy, he plays guitar and sings like a rock star, he is a faithful, patient Daddy, he loves to work with his hands - fixing all the things I certainly can't, he speaks Thai so well, he leads us and protects our family, he loves to joke around and make me laugh...I really could go on and on...but the children need to eat breakfast this morning!  

Last year, I did a special post with tons of our beautiful wedding photos to remember and share about our wedding anniversary.  You can click here and read it again or (for some of you) for the first time!

Happy Anniversary, Treavor!  You're my favorite!


  1. Congratulations! Wow, can see the beautiful love of Christ in you both...God bless!

  2. Eight years! It was such a great wedding. Congratulations you two. May God bless you with ever growing love for one another.

  3. Thanks! We are blessed by Him to be married to one another. Still can't believe it sometimes...he asked ME! What a doozy.

  4. Thanks, Nick! It was so special to have you there! By His grace, we are growing more in love together...


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