Thursday, May 3, 2012

Perks Of A Developed Country

Kyla is sittin' pretty

There is always something I am gawking at as we live the adventure of being in America again.  This baby seat made me literally jump for joy and pull the camera out of my bottomless pit of a purse.  

A baby seat in the bathroom!  What GENIUS!

Everywhere else, I have had to train the kids to stand like soldiers (ie: not like the crazy monkeys they normally are) and keep their hands to themselves while waiting for everyone to get their business done in the public restrooms in Thailand.  Usually, the floors are very wet there, and you have to fan the mosquitoes away from your bum while you try to balance over the squatties or the occasional western-style toilet.  A trip to the potty with three kids in tow (or even just the little one) can stress me just a little bit because of my obsession over super-clean hands.  

But, remember people, America has everything to chase away your fears...and yes, I wrote that with both cynicism and an odd delight...

...and this baby seat just made my day!

Even Kyla likes it!  She, honestly, was laughing while she waited for me!

I love you, Safe-Sitter corporation.  You a mother's delight and the product of a developed country that is always thinking of yet another way to make a load of money.  

What's the coolest new thing you've seen lately?


  1. I haven't seen this yet, but I've heard other moms say it's their favorite bathroom accessory!

  2. How cool!!!

  3. reading your blog ALWAYS makes me smile or in this case laugh out loud!!!! love you. Megan is looking forward to seeing you!!

  4. it is definitely mine!

  5. Exactly. Wish they had these everywhere!

  6. So glad you enjoy reading what's here! Love you, too! Excited to see Megan and have her experience a little of the wild as well.

  7. When I first saw this picture I thought she was sitting on a urinal. I thought, "wow, that's super convenient."

  8. Somebody else said that, too! Hilarious! Very convenient and very...disgusting! ;)


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