Monday, November 19, 2012

10 Things I Like Today

Jeshurun at about 9 months old
Jeshurun - July 2012
(Tiffany Bonow Photography)

1. My "baby" Jeshurun turned 7 yesterday.  I like him more and more each day.  Of course, I love him, but I really really like him, too.  He is strong, confident, well-spoken, adventurous, inquisitive, loves Jesus, loves his friends, a bug-enthusiast, a tree climber, a wanna-be outdoors man, a new Tae Kwon Do student, an almost 2nd-grader, fun, funny, and he's all mine.  I am thankful for him today!

2. Rain is falling outside right now, and the smell is absolutely wonderful.  I miss the rainy season (it has been quite dry here lately).

3. Leftover rotisserie chicken can be turned into almost anything for a second meal. Well, maybe not apple pie, but you get it!  We just enjoyed it in chicken melts.  Melted cheese is my comforting friend today.  Convince yourselves again; leftovers are cool and hip and earth-friendly and anything else you need it to be. 

4. The hawk moth caterpillar we found this week has started to transform. We noticed him slowing down and turning odd colors a day after we captured it. His chrysalis is exciting and full of promise. About a week from now, we hope to have pictures of the moth that he turns into!  (See some mid-transformation pictures below):

Kyla loves to check out the chrysalis every day!

Before the caterpillar started forming his chrysalis, he created a "net" of leaves over his body to protect him from prying little fingers or predators.

The first day of transformation...if you remember his bright green color before, then you know that this is quite a change!

5. These people (picture below) are still very fresh on my mind.  We had four friends (some old friends, some brand new) come to visit us, encourage us, and steer us on in our work life here.  They gave up a week of their life to breathe life into us - and don't we need it?!  I am thanking God for them today.

I would tell you everyone's names...but then I'd have to kill you.  ;)

6. Just so you know, taking away half of the chocolate chips and replacing them with peanut butter chips in your next batch of cookies will make you smile and ooh and aah.  I know this firsthand.  I have already eaten two cookies today and plan to eat lots more! 

7. Today, I like the fact that I am still in my pajamas and it is 2pm.  Sabbaths are the best.

8. Skyping with family.  Thanks, Meemaw and Mr. Andy for calling us this morning!  We miss you!

9. Thanksgiving is near.  That means feasting is near.  That means I need to keep running so that I can still wear all the clothes in my closet without having to buy a size up!  That will motivate me to keep at it like nothing else. 

10. Although I have said it before, and will probably say it several more times in the future, I like you today!  Yes, you!  Thank YOU for reading and for being more a part of our world here as I share about all the ups and downs and in-betweens. 

What do you like today?  Share in the comments below:

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