Saturday, February 2, 2013

Three's A Crowd, So What's Four?

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, then you've seen the above picture already.  If not, then, surprise!  We are, indeed, with child.  Child number FOUR to be exact.  We have already past the tipping point of an odd family size here in Thailand (most have one or two) why not add to the questions and stares by adding another little one to the mix?!  A generation ago, large Thai families were not uncommon.  But nowadays, with expensive school fees and high unemployment rates, people are a little less risky when it comes to upping their family size.  And, hey, let's face it: kids are a handful!  It is a fact!  :)  Lately, I have observed that most Thai kids give their parents a run for their money...figuratively and literally. 

But, children are also an enormous blessing.  Thus, our reasoning for welcoming this little sesame seed (the size of our babe right now) into our family.  God's grace is big enough for me to mother four kids, and I know there is enough love to go around (thank you for teaching me that, Michelle Duggar).  :)

Before we took a test yesterday to know for sure, I was experiencing almost every symptom in the book: fatigue, emotional breakdowns moments, nausea, aversions to smells and normal foods, and tons more things like that which you probably would rather I spare from listing out in greater detail.  You're welcome.

After finding out for sure, we had extreme joy in calling family and friends to break the news.  Even though we're at the beginning of this pregnancy, I have a feeling it is going to fly by fast with all that is already on our schedules for this year.  This must be a year for encountering God's amazing grace, because I am going to need it! 

So, for now, I am stocking up on ginger ale and crackers to ward away my constant companion, morning sickness.  BTW, morning sickness is the lamest bit of advertisement of a word, ever.  It isn't confined to the morning...OH no!  It likes to sometimes stick around all day.  Yuck. I just have to remember that I am getting another little person out of this whole thing. 

Baby, you're worth it!


  1. Excited for you guys! And you are totally right, it's not JUST sickness in the morning.

  2. wheeeee! I don't know if you could get your hands on this, but when I was sick during my pregnancy with A, I would crush up half a Unisom and a B12 vitamin and suck on the mixture. It made me sleepy but cut the nausea. SUCH a blessing.


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