Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Four Years Here In Thailand!

Four years in Thailand, today.

Today marks our four year anniversary of arriving in Thailand.  Four years has flown by, in some respects.  Real perspective comes when I start looking at the facts:

In four years...

...we have added two kids to the family (our baby girl, Kyla and our other baby waiting in the womb).

...we have lived in three completely different cities (one in a big city in the South, one in a country town, and one in a BIG city in the North).

...we have said goodbye to two members of our crew and welcomed on four more (these two, this one and C, who Instagrams like a mad-woman).

...we have encountered more Asian wildlife than we were expecting.  National Geographic specials have to originate from somewhere, right?

...we have had the privilege of travelling to Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Malaysia, and Indonesia for visa purposes, conferences or family vacations.  If we didn't live here, I couldn't imagine us ever getting to visit those countries unless we were on the Amazing Race or something.

...we have learned Thai.  OK, to be honest, I am nowhere near fluency...but for living life using the Thai language I have acquired, I can get by just fine.  Just don't ask me about any words higher than a 2nd grade level and you can stand to be impressed.  :)  Or, unimpressed.  Whatever.

...we have endured the grief of four grandparents passing away while living here, one uncle's sudden passing, and my father's bout with throat cancer.  Death and sickness wait for no overseas experience.  We are so thankful to be able to cry out to God from anywhere in the world and know that He hears us and sees us in our sadness and petitions.

...we have seen flooding in two cities we were in, and just missed our first home being flooded (after we moved two weeks prior).  Maybe we should invest in a rowboat?

...our two oldest boys chose to follow Jesus and accept the gift of salvation!  We baptized them and they are moving forward in the big things God has in store for them.  We are super proud!

...we have seen countless lives restored, encouraged and lit on fire for Jesus. 

I am sure I am leaving a million things out, but nap time is almost over, people.

Thank you for being a part of our wild journey here.  Rejoice with us today that God still has us here for a purpose greater than we know.  We're just going to enjoy the ride!  Keep coming back to read and enjoy it with us!


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