Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finding a Lost Treasure by Hearing His Voice (Part One)

If I were ultra-organized and/or crafty...I think my scatty brain could benefit from this. (Photo Credit)

Last summer, I lost a precious pearl. 

Actually, make that my third pearl lost.  I really need to eat some more ginkgo biloba supplements or something for my forgetfulness. 

When we were married almost 9 years ago, Treavor bought me a stunning pair of Japanese pearl earrings.  One time, during a move to a different house across town, I left them (brilliant idea, I know), in a dresser drawer. During the chaos of the move I thought they'd be safe there.  After we unpacked and inspected every part of that dresser, the earrings were nowhere to be found.  I cried some bitter tears that night.

Then, my friend, Summer, graciously gave Treavor a new pair of pearl earrings for him to give to me for our wedding anniversary.  They were equally stunning and I was so humbled.  I still have that pair, praise God.

But, two years ago on my birthday, Treavor bought me a solitary pearl necklace while we were vacationing in a beachfront town here in Thailand.  I loved it!  It was a mainstay in my wardrobe, but I still hadn't learned my lesson just yet.  During our trip to the States last summer, I took off my necklace and placed it "somewhere."  We were two weeks out from leaving to fly back to Thailand and I swore I would find it when we went through our stuff to repack. 


The necklace was nowhere to be found.

The bitter tears flowed again as I kicked myself and repented to Treavor.  How in the world could I be so careless again and give up something that I treasured?  I vainly hoped that it would "turn up" somewhere in our stuff once we unpacked again and that my shame would be forgotten. 


It had been about eight months since the bags were put away and all of my hopes for finding my necklace were packed away with them...

...until a few weeks ago, when a Voice told me where to find my lost treasure.

(to be continued tomorrow...check back to hear this incredibly faith-building story!)

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