Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Part Two Postponed a Day: Here's My White Flag, Headache!

Hello!  My name is Alina, and I have a splitting headache.

I had planned to finish writing Part Two of "Finding a Lost Treasure by Hearing His Voice," and post it tonight...but...this headache is causing me to not think very clearly and just want to crawl up into bed for the night.  Call me a wimp, or blame it on the baby...your choice.  ;)

So, for any of you (Bueller? Bueller?) who were waiting for the climax ending...I am sorry.

And for everyone else who is just getting to reading this next week...just click to the next post and forget I ever told you about my momentary loss of mental energy.

Good night.  That is all.  See you all tomorrow (and, really, this time the last post will be there!)

And, pray for my headache, will ya?

Thanks a million,

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