Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jeshurun's Belief and Baptism - New Life!

Jeshurun (right) with Huy and Treavor - the morning of Jeshurun's newest birthday...being born-again!

January 9th and 10th are now very important days on our family calendar!  Yesterday (the 9th), Jeshurun, our oldest (6 years), repented of his sins and believes in Jesus!  He has committed his life to follow Jesus and acknowledge him as Lord!  Wow!  We are turning a new chapter in parenting...completely new territory.

Jeshurun's name means "upright one" in Hebrew.  Since he was in the belly, we have heard God speak his plans for Run to be one who walks in God's ways and not his own.  This week, we are seeing him take a huge step towards following Jesus the rest of his life.  It is a truly exciting time!

Today, the 10th, we baptized him at a local swimming pool!  The S-clan and our friend, P. Nit, were there to witness it and celebrate with us.  Treavor's Dad, Carl, is in town - so he got to see it as well!

As you look at pictures and celebrate with us from afar, please pray for him to grow up mightily in the Spirit and to really fall more in love with Jesus with every passing day!

practicing for the dunk

Treavor leading Run in a confession of faith

going down...

...coming up! new life!

he was overjoyed!

praying for his new life in Christ

his friends and brother laid hands on him!  what a company of friends!

family shot

what a celebration!  surrounded by friends and family...a day to really remember!


  1. Awesome! Love the picture of all the other kids laying hands and praying over him. Congrats dude!

  2. absolutely beautiful! Tell my new little bro I said HOORAY! :)


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