Monday, January 23, 2012

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History in the front yard

Sometimes, Monday nights make me anxious.  Stressed.  Busy.  Mondays are our Sabbath days...but sometimes, when I look to Tuesday morning, I get frazzled thinking of the new week that is waiting for me.  

Sometimes, instead of remembering that this new week means possibility, a clean slate, adventures not yet had, laughter not yet heard, memories not yet made...I think of lesson plans, spelling tests, dirty floors, laundry baskets that never stay empty.  

But, one of the reasons why we chose to home school our kids, for now...was to have more unordinary outside on the front lawn...recess for more than 20 minutes, but for two hours at our local park...or, staying in pajamas...reading all day on the couch...siblings teaching each other and asking for "just one more story!"

Tonight...I am choosing to remember days like these:

brother teaching brother

I am thankful, and expectant, and rejoicing!

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