Sunday, January 8, 2012

Second-hand Beauty

When the New Year rolls around, we always hear, "Throw out the old and bring in the new!"  On many levels, I agree with that old adage.  But, when it comes to decorating my house, the "old" doesn't need to be thrown out, per say...but re-arranged.

Treavor's Dad, Carl, is flying here tomorrow.  He is in Vietnam visiting friends and relatives, and decided to come visit us for five whole days.  We are thrilled!  This will be our third time seeing him since we left the States.  It has been so encouraging to get to spend time with him here in southeast Asia.  We feel like a little bit of home is coming.  

Kyla, Carl, Run and Huy last year in January

In preparation for his stay here at our house, we are organizing and cleaning a ton.  I am convinced that house-guests keep my house sane.  If a house can be deemed "sane," anyway.  You know what I mean?  When we know people are coming, suddenly the piles and dust bunnies are more obvious...and we have much more motivation to make our home comfortable and beautiful.  

We have a table in the front room of our house that is one of those "catch-all" places.  It is anything but beautifully adorned.  Most days, it is piled with junk: loose change, school books, receipts, broken toys...

But, today I had a burst of energy and tried to revitalize it a bit.

As The Nester would say, I "shopped the house" and found odds and ends, brought them together, and made a little more sense out of that front table.

simple.  clutter-free.  a great improvement (too bad I didn't take a "before" picture!)

this tablecloth was a very-welcomed hand-me-down from our house-mate, Kat, when she left Thailand

this picture of us was taken by Vikki when Treavor and I were dating.  this frame was another welcomed hand-me-down from Glen when he left Thailand.  now Glen and Kat (see table-cloth) are engaged.  just a random bit of trivia for ya.  they are all generous people.

these bride and groom figurines were given to us right before we left South Korea almost 7 years ago.  they are some of my favorite things ever.

the Willow Tree new mommy was given to us by Treav's mom and I gave Treav the one on the right as a "new dad" gift when Run was born.  so sweet.

this funky vase was another hand-me-down from Kat when she left.  i told you she was generous!

these pussy-willow branches were nearly free.  i bought three bunches this week at a roadside market for $1.50.  the seller said they would last almost a year.  gorgeous!  and, so cheap!

If you are frustrated with an area of your home, try and "shop the house" and see what things you can find to bring together and bring new life to your home!  I am, honestly, a novice at this, but I am not content to just continue on in my decorating handicap.  Take a risk today!  You might be really surprised at the outcome!


  1. How exciting that Trevor's dad is visiting!! I just love to have guests.
    Your table looks great!! You did a good job! ; )

  2. Thanks, Amber! I had fun throwing off all the junk and replacing it with something a little more eye-appealing! We will have a blast with his dad. Have a great week!


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