Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quiet Time With Spider-man

Spiderman...not interceding...just waking up.

It is 20 minutes because the kids normally get up.  I try to turn the knob of my boys' bedroom door as quietly as I can, so as not to wake up our 4-year old.  He is the light sleeper.  I am not going in for him, but for his big brother.  The 6-year old.  The newest believer I know.  He is now a temple of the Holy Spirit.  He came to faith like a little child because, well, he is one.  Far be it from us to hinder him.

I pick up his lanky frame and try my best to lift him up, warm blanket and all.  It is really chilly these days in the early morning.  He still needs his blanket.  

I tenderly close the door and navigate down the stairs to plop this little man-in-the-making onto the couch.  After a minute or so, he stirs and smiles.  His Spider-man outfit that he chose as pajamas last night make me smile.  Spider-man is waking up.  He is ready to spend time with Jesus.


I have Phil Wickham's Singalong playing to start our worship time.  It is one of his favorite albums.  Jeshurun opens his mouth to sing praises to God.  

The morning breath.

OH, the morning breath.

But, the sacrifice of clean air space is worth it every morning.  

After we sing, we open the Jesus Storybook Bible and he reads a few pages of truth.  We talk about what the main points were, and how he can not be like the man in the mirror in James...but we talk briefly about how he can ingest the Word into his heart and keep it there.  He always asks for more time reading.  It is his favorite part.

the Word

But, it is almost time for the little ones to wake up, so we pray.  He prays for himself, praises God for who He is, asks for help, asks for wisdom, asks for self-control (YES!) and a myriad of other things.  

Then, we wait.

We wait on the Savior's voice.  Treavor and I are trying to set a foundation in Run that we still struggle with as adults.  Don't we all?  It is so easy to ask, appeal, plead, thank and gab to God during prayer...but when it comes to waiting for a return, it is too easy to get impatient and give up or rush into the rest of our day.  So, every day...



...Jeshurun is waiting for the Voice.  After he listens, hears and shares what he heard from the Holy Spirit that morning, I write it down.  It is his journal, a record, for him to have his whole life.  I have to write it down for him because he can't write for himself yet.  That time will come.  

We've been waking him up like this for two weeks now, ever since he said "yes" to Jesus.  He is our disciple, our responsibility, and it is really a joy to wake him up every day and call him to fix his eyes on the eternal.

Quiet time with Jesus...and Spider-man, or at least, my 6-year old in Spider-man pajamas.  One day, my little man is going to be a spiritual hero to somebody else...we just gotta help him get there.

Teaching him how to really love Jesus...more than sleep...more than anything else, is how he's gonna get there.


  1. what a beautiful post!! I had tears. so happy for Run and you and Trevor!

  2. Wow, so so beautiful Alina! This was such an encouragement to me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It has been a fun journey. He got up a even a little earlier than normal requesting more time in the Word than he's been getting. I am really proud of him.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Glad that the normal, everyday, ordinary life can sometimes be inspiring. It must be God!


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