Thursday, February 2, 2012

10 Things I Like Today

I wish my blog had a scratch-n-sniff app.

(BTW: this post contains several references to food, so if you happen to be fasting right might want to read Google news or something else!)

1.  Finally, a cooking day.  I have actually missed it!  Lately, for the most part, I don't cook much after an making easy breakfast (eggs, cereal, yogurt, etc.) each day.  The infamous Mrs. Busy has come to visit my house regularly over the past few months and she leaves little time me to cook.  We usually opt out for $1-$1.50/plate takeout Thai food instead.  It works.  And, I rarely shop.  Unless 7-11 counts as shopping.  Hey, we're true Asians.  Does that count as acculturation?  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, maybe you've never been to our hemisphere.  I am officially counting regular shopping trips to 7-11 as acculturation.  There.  Absolved.

2.  The smell of the first batch of pesto I have ever made at home (recipe here).  I toasted pine nuts (from a care package), grated Parmesan cheese, picked fistfuls of basil from my plants outside, cracked peppercorns, tossed sea salt, peeled garlic, and blended it all with my precious olive oil till I about had a heart attack.  The multiple, intoxicating smells wafting from the Kingdom of Heaven must include fresh pesto.  It simply must.  And cinnamon rolls.  And, the smell of a baby's itty-bitty head.  

3.  R2-D2, my bread machine (as it has been so lovingly called by Steph).  I made a batch of honey whole wheat bread to eat with the basil pesto and just about ate half the loaf once it cooled.  See the picture above for my record-high (for me!) loaf.  I love carbs.

4.  A day without a complete melt-down.  From the kids.  Or, me.

5.  A husband who takes our oldest son out to play soccer and share the Gospel.  At the same time.  It is possible, you know!  They have started going out more to intentionally share together.  It is fun to see him starting to take steps in his father's footsteps.  One day, he will be running ahead of us and we will be in awe of how he has surpassed us in Jesus' ways.  Hallelu.

6.  The Hello Mornings Challenge.  Every morning when I am tempted to press the snooze on my alarm, I think of my accountability partners that are helping me get up even earlier than I have been.  It hasn't been easy, with two bad colds this month...but I am still working towards my resolutions for making my morning something to get more excited about. 

7.  Finding little Tiramisu cups made fresh at a bakery down the street.  What??? They're awesome and they only cost 90 cents.  

8.  Clean comedians on YouTube.  Like this guy:

9.  This new worship album from World Mandate 2011.  My kids and I have been singing it, humming it, and flubbing the words to it all day.  We're obviously out of touch with new music.  We are thankful for the new songs and are greatly encouraged.

10.  The mound of dishes waiting for me in the sink.  (See #1 - #3)  I am blessed to have a full tummy.  Millions are going hungry tonight.  I hope that I can look at my dishes every day and see what they've brought me in the form of nourishment instead of groaning and complaining when I see the work that's undone.  Thank you, God.

What do you like today?  I'd love to hear!  Leave your comment below if you can spare the minute!  


  1. I like what you like!!!! but not the dishes. I see your sweet perspective,but i just can't like the dishes!!
    Love Tim Hawkins and the WM2011 just downloaded, too. I really liked the videos and seeing the conference. A taste of home, right?

    My addition: I like walking or running outside in my neighborhood and the surrounding open fields. I can just see so much of God and his creation. I see sheep, random people, feel the wind---it helps me so much. I'm not even a great runner, but I just love it!
    THX Alina for adding your joy to the blog world today. See ya 'round!

  2. I like the things you like today. Thanks for stopping by, reading, and sharing!


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