Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things I Like Today

That's Treav in the middle!  Thanks to Facebook, I have this picture.

1. A dry home.  Treav and Nick are out right now, with a group mixed with foreigners and Thais, to bring food aid and prayer to flood victims in our city.  The rain has inundated the North of Thailand and the river flooded over, bringing some areas to be waist-deep in water.  We are living a little outside of the city, and haven't had flooding here.  But, the next week is forcasted to have heavy rain, including a Typhoon that should land here on Saturday.  I was brought to tears tonight talking and praying with my children as we discussed that many of the poor here have lost everything.  The flooding is not over.  The work has just begun.

2. Treavor!  He and Nick are out in cold, waist-deep the middle of the night, handing out food and prayers.  I have said it before and will say it again - he is my hero!

3.  The Internet.  News updates, YouTube videos and reading our friends' Facebook messages about the flood while waiting for Treavor to come home tonight is very comforting.  Since I haven't talked with him since before he went out this afternoon - any news is good right now.

4.  My children.  They're safe, tucked in bed, and healthy.  Can't beat that.

Flowers from Grandma Cool's tree in jar of Skippy she gave me.  Who knew Thai Grandmas liked peanut butter?

5.  My neighbors.  We had some prayers answered this week - FRIENDS!  We've been praying for new relationships in our neighborhood and city, and we're beginning to see some breakthrough.  Today, as I looked at the bouquet of flowers on my table from our new friend, Grandma Cool (that's what her name translates as!)...I was thankful for sweet new friends.

6.  Hidden Treasures.  Can you figure out what's hidden in my fruit basket?  Feel free to leave your guesses in the Comment section below.  The winner gets my second child.  I think he put it there.  What a goof-ball.

7.  Very Welcome Phone Calls.  In the middle of writing this post, I got a call from a friend whose husband was out with Treav and Nick.  They're done!  The men are cold and wet, and still have to trek back to their truck, but they're coming home for the night.  Happy.

8.  Jesus.  He is worth both living and dying for.  Funny how those two things often go together.  His is a wild, upside-down Kingdom and I love it!

9.  Coffee in the morning.  I'm already looking forward to it.  Hazelnut syrup calling my name.

10.  You.  I like YOU today!  Thanks for stopping by to read and wanting to, even in a small way, be a part of what we're doing over here.  "You're the beeest"... (Name that movie!)


  1. awesome and well said :) It has been great keeping in touch tonight!! :)

  2. Alina, Be very careful, Let father Bob know how you are. Email me the old fashioned way. I am so proud of all my Thai family. You guys really are on an adventure of a life time. LOve ya Dad

  3. Is it his ball?
    Go Huy!

  4. that's right, Eileen! it was Huy's ping pong ball. ding ding ding! how would you like me to send him, ground or air mail? ;)


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