Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quiet Moments/Listen to Shaun Groves' new album

I am thankful for today.

I am thankful when I am sick.  I am so quickly turned back to reliance on Jesus!  When you are weary and needing extra grace, it is no longer easy to try and do it on your own anymore.  Thank you, God, for not expecting me to do it all myself!

Last night, I was awake off and on, feeling really sick.  Extra tired and feeling so ill, I didn't even bother to try and wake before the kids today.  Normally, when I am just lazy and don't wake up...the rest of the day is chaotic.  For me, and so many others, I have found that if I do not begin each day with time alone with Jesus, my day is almost permanently off-kilter.  God is full of grace and doesn't condemn me when I choose other things over Him, but the fruit of that kind of day reveals my upside-down priorities.  He is a good teacher!

Today, I felt His grace.  Even while feeling under the weather, my day wasn't doomed to be chaotic.  God extended grace today for me through quiet moments: our home school was finished before anyone was hungry enough for lunch - so the kids busied themselves with play while I sat and watched them.  Later on, stirring pots and cleaning up the kitchen gave me a precious few minutes to be alone to ask God for healing and stamina.  (I didn't need a prayer closet today to connect with the Father, just a desperate heart!)  Then, this afternoon, I had the *privilege* of being able to walk outside during a cool thunderstorm, to hang up my laundry under the carport.

Six years ago, these moments would have been slightly bothersome and felt like work.  Instead, I have begun to realize that they are God-given "breaks."  Not breaks from doing things, and definitely not like a break to watch a movie or sit at a Starbucks.  But, even though I am still running through the motions of being a housewife, on the inside, I am singing, or praying, or pleading, or laughing, or persevering in conversation with the God of the Universe.  These are seemingly ordinary times, but if I fix my eyes just right, are actually holy moments.  I cannot let them pass me by without praising God for them.

Thank you, God, for grace today!  You are so good!

Speaking of Grace...check out this new music by Shaun Groves.  The first song can be found for free download at Third World Symphony .

Third World Symphony by shaungroves

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