Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last Weekend In Pictures

Kyla learned to crawl out of her walker - my life is over.  It was my safety net and sanity at times.  Help me, Jesus.  I now have a full-fledged toddler.

Treavor brought these home to me one day for no particular reason.  Hero.

We went on a photo scavenger hunt at the S-clan's casa.  Steph started teaching the kids about basic shapes in drawing.  So much cooler than a worksheet!  Go Steph! (btw: that's her's in the background, kiddo #2)

Lines, lines, lines.

We even got Sammy's cool Ben 10 bike in the hunt - curved lines, anyone?

Getting home from "Fun School Saturday" - we show up and Treavor has surprised the kids with pets!  Not furry ones, thank the good Lord.  :)

Two Japanese red-eared turtles.

Three "sucker" fish.  They do the trick when we're too lazy to clean the pond.

And 10 of these googly-eyed fish.  2 have died since Saturday.  They were mysteriously laying in the grass.   Did they jump?  Who knows.  May these rest in peace.

Milo...or, is it Shiloh...swimming lazily.

Let's hope these guys make it through the month.  We are notorious for killing our  pets.  God speed, fish!

And...this little nugget started walking!  She has taken steps before, but hadn't caught on to walking till  two days ago during a Skype call with Meemaw.  Way to go, Kyla!

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  1. Precious Precious and More Precious. Don't worry about Kyla becoming a toddling girl toddler. You have had two toddling boys, and I understand they are much more active. However, since Kyla has had big brother training, well.... We shall see. LY


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