Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Floor Fridays

Friday is here, and it seemed like the last one was just yesterday!  Typically, Fridays are a day to leave work early and go have ice cream or something.  Friday is normally Date Night or The Start of Vacation or something wonderful like that.  And because I am, in my flesh, quite slothful inattentive when it comes to housework...Fridays equals Floor Day for me. 

While I would love to be the "faithful in little" sort of gal...having the massive job of cleaning the floors in my house in one afternoon sounds do-able.  And, because housework is something I would never, EVER describe as "fun," I have deemed it such in an attempt to apply reverse psychology.  Almost two months into our new home, it has not failed far!

When the kids go down for their naps, I set to the task of sweeping and moving furniture, throwing away tissues that have slipped under beds and putting up dirty clothes and toys that never seem to have a home!  With the kids all tucked away in their beds, I almost feel like I'm getting "me time" - even while I'm working!  It's the little things...

After the dirt is swept and the rugs beaten outside (why, oh why did we have to buy those floor rugs for our bedroom?), I fill up the mop bucket and get to work.  Thais love a squeaky clean floor, so I have to be diligent.  Oh, and my husband likes it, too!  I have to take that into account. 

Two hours later, and as the kids are waking and/or tired of the books they've been pouring over during "rest" time, the house smells like lavender (even if it is a chemical lavender scent!) and I finally feel like we can enjoy the weekend. 

Fridays are Fun Floor Days here.  One day they may turn into Forget-The-Fun-Floor-Friday-Idea day...but for now, it is my "eat your veggies first" approach to being a good homemaker. 

Goodbye for now...I'm off to make the floors shine!

How do you make housework "fun"?

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