Monday, September 26, 2011

No cap and gown...just a pizza party!

Run, 1 year old

Not so long ago, my firstborn was my little baby.  He was my sidekick, my comedian, my crazy munchkin who I delighted in. 

Run, climbing with his buddy, Sam
Now, he is most definately not a baby anymore.  All of his cuteness factor has dissappeared with the baby fat.  He is 100% boy and 110% pure energy who is trying to keep up with his growing, lanky body that is never lacking in bruises, scrapes and scars.  The only thing that runs harder than his body is his mouth.  Oh boy, that kid can talk.  I wonder where he gets it from? 

Last Sunday, he finished his last homeschooling assignment for Kindergarten, and celebrated with the S-clan on Tuesday night with, what else?  A pizza party!

With the Sing the Word CD in the background and all his pictures of the past year of school playing on the computer slideshow, the kids hung out, played, and read from the stacks and stacks of books Run completed this year.
My ultra-geeky display of all the books we studied this year, his world map, and timeline of historical figures.  Steph joked that it looked like a book fair!  Ha!  It was fun to lay it all out and see all that he accomplished this past year.
We made our own timeline, but used some cool stickers that Sonlight produces.
Check out all those modern-day missionaries we studied!

After pizza and playing, we all sat down and encouraged Jeshurun on the things we have seen him improve on this year.  He heard things like, "You can read now!," "You have more self control," and "You have taught me about bugs this year - and now I like bugs!"  

Then, we listened as he recited a poem and a scripture verse he memorized this year.  I was a proud Momma!

Lastly, we prayed for him to be blessed in the coming year.  When we were finished, we gave him his certificate of completion!  I "framed" it with green construction paper and left it blank for him to decorate with some of his stickers. 

Run and Moi
Run's certificate!  (And yes, I blocked our last name on purpose.  Wouldn't want our biggest fans to track us down! ) ;)

There's nothing like Optimus Prime and Lightning McQueen.  They both seem to say, "You're awesome!"

Way to go, Run!  Kindergarten was fun and I'm sure 1st grade is gonna be a blast!  

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