Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Influence of Boys

Yesterday morning, before school, this was the scene that I walked in on after coming out of the kitchen: my two boys, making a disciple of their sister in the fine art of remote control race car driving.

Huy gave Kyla the remote control to his toddler-friendly race car and let her go!  This controller only has two huge buttons to push down, not levers.  And, it is apparently indestructible!  

Way to go, Kyla!  You've figured it out!

I don't know, Mom, aren't these for boys?

When it didn't work right, she tries to fix it, just like somebody else I know...these two almost could be in the same family.  

I think I've fixed it now...let's race again!

Come on...come right to me...

We're so proud of you, Kyla!  (Except for maybe Jeshurun, who looks a little concerned that maybe his special toys might get a little more attention from her than he'd like.)

No tea parties at our house, yet.  Just Kung Fu, bugs, and race cars. 

And for now, that's just the way we like it.

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  1. We had a moment a while back where my boys were sword fighting. My girls wanted to join. 10 seconds later I hear them explaining to the boys "This is the Mommy sword, this is the baby sword." The boys weren't having it.


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