Monday, December 16, 2013

Survey/Christmas Giveaway Winner Announced!

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Last week, I opened a Christmas Giveaway here on the blog.  Saturday at noon, Central Time, the giveaway and the survey involved officially closed.  THANK YOU for stopping by and for giving me your thoughts about this blog and answering some questions about yourself.  This information is truly gold for me as I look to the next year of blogging and plan to write about things that you are actually interested in rather than things I just happen to be excited about.  

Hey, I can get excited over bugs, write lame poetry and take an obscene amount of pictures...but maybe you're not looking for that...or maybe you are?!  Time will tell as I write and share more in the coming year.  Your opinion and your thoughts matter to me.  Thanks, friends!

If you skimmed over that last paragraph to just know who won...then wait no longer...

The winner of the Christmas Giveaway is...


Carrie, please shoot me an email at to let me know whether you would like to receive a scarf (red or white) or a kilo of some awesome coffee from Hillkoff.  Also, let me know the type of roast you prefer.  Are you a dark roast kinda girl or someone who likes keeping life and her coffee a little lighter?  I will never know...unless you tell me.  THANKS!

As for the rest of you who come to read...there will be more opportunities to win goodies that I will most undoubtedly offer.  Who doesn't like a giveaway?  Stuff for free?  I'm game.  

But, of course, until then...I will be living life here in Thailand and telling you all about it and about the people and places we live around.  Keep dropping by!


ps, if you are still interested in taking my survey (a whopping FIVE questions)...let me know in the comments or shoot me an email. I would really appreciate it!

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