Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet the Crazy Crew


Interests: all things Jesus, cobra killing, guitar, being an awesome husband, being a fantastic Daddy, home repair (not necessarily in that order)

The boys (Jeshurun and Huy)

Jeshurun (or Run) 5 years old - bugs, talking, homeschooling, bossing around his brother, wresting, Kung Fu and typically anything that involves being loud and messy.

Huy - 3 years old - imitating his older brother, bugs, serving others, thumb-sucking, learning how to be a middle-child

Kyla - our sweet baby girl

Interests: being adorable, eating everything, yelling, crawling, pulling up, staying glued to Mommy and Daddy

Alina (me, myself and I)

Interests: Jesus, homeschooling, child training, cooking (or pretending to be interested in that!), reading, gardening, different cultures, and sometimes simply trying to stay afloat in life

1 comment:

  1. hey there! great to see you have a blog! did trevor tell you the news???

    love you


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