Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Power Outage - What Fun!

There has been tons of rain here because of a monsoon camping over the south of Thailand.  For the last week, it has rained (almost) non-stop. 

Usually here, if there's even a strong wind, we have a short power outage.  When there are storms, you can almost bet on it.  After we moved in last August, the power went out at least once a week.  It took some getting used to, but here life keeps moving.  The last time, it was a sweaty mess, happening in the middle of a very very hot day.  This time, the cool weather helped to make things a little easier to bear.  Until the sun went down!

Run and Huy enjoyed a "candlelight dinner" as I rushed around the house before nightfall to find candles and matches.  The flashlight was M.I.A. (of course!).  We later found it in the freezer.  Please don't ask me how it got there.  I'm blaming it on gnomes.

I started trying to light candles and found that all our matches and match boxes were so damp from humidity that none of them would start!  Amazing Thailand! Thankfully, our gas stove was just fine for lighting matches, and soon there were lots of little candles all around the house.

Treavor was out at a meeting, so the kids and I made up "campfire" stories to tell each other.  Jesus showed up in one of them, and as Jeshurun depicts him, he told the giants outside our house to go away and leave us alone.  The giants obeyed, and my boys were much braver in the dark after that.

Playing with Clay

Kyla eating her sticky rice

I had these candle sticks with no way to hold them - so we put some in jars/cups with modeling clay at the bottom

Then, we made a tent upstairs, where everyone played (even Kyla - who eventually tore it down!) cars and fighting dinosaurs. 

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