Monday, March 28, 2011

Writings from a Non-Writer

For the last few months, I toyed around with the idea to start my very own blog. 

Me?  Writing a blog?

Blogs are for people who are infinitely creative and eloquent and opinionated and political and crafty and (insert your own ideas here)...

...or...they can also be for ordinary people like me who have ordinary things, or on occasion, extraordinary things to write about.  Although I don't consider myself in any way extraordinary, every day I am witnessing amazing things around me through my family, my friends, my world and my God.

So, I have decided to take the plunge to start this journey of expression, feeling, posting and reaching out to the world through this page...

...even if only my Mom reads it.  :)


  1. I'll be reading it! Congrats on your first post!! :)

  2. Well, this mom is reading it for sure! And loving it!!! You make me want to do one too.

  3. Is there a way on here to find a list of your titles? It's not too bad right now, scrolling back and forth, because there are only a few so far. But when you have a hundred and I want to find an old one, where is a list?

  4. Eileen - I'm starting the "label" each post with some sort of theme/subject. So, in the future, you can look them up by the label (homeschooling, 10 things, etc.) to find similar themes...or you can just scan through the past month's posts to find them according to their date. Help?



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