Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amazing What a Little Paint Will Do

Hello!  I am Alina's kitchen.  Until recently, I had dorm-room colored creamy-white walls.  I was not very pretty to look at.  In fact, I was downright ugly.  I had smoke stains from the previous renter's cooking experiences gone bad.  I had unsightly holes and greasy grime to adorn my lifeless color.  That is, until I decided to have a face lift, courtesy of Treavor, Alina's hero-husband.  Nice to meet you.  I look a little different these days.

What color am I now?


(move over, kitchen, Alina has returned)...

To celebrate Thai Mother's Day, Treavor took me paint shopping so we could attack the kitchen with color.  Wait, did I say, we?  Oh, I meant, HE attacked it with color.  I mainly watched and commented wisely about an assortment of things.  The fact is, really, Treavor painted the kitchen.  I am merely the color-picker...and, frankly, the one who will be working IN the kitchen for quite some time hereafter.  So - it was a joint effort...of sorts. 

I am no where to be found in these pictures.  And not just because I was the one taking them...ahem...Treavor did it all.  Thanks, honey!

Action shot!

What a stud.  Did you know he used to be a professional painter?  It is true.  Just sayin'.

Up close shot of this green.  Steph and I were trying to figure out what to call it.  Avocado?  No.  Lime?  No. The best I could come up with was "Martha Stewart Green."  Agree?

Where there used to be smoke stains...

There is beauty!

I love my new kitchen.

It is amazing what happens when you combine a twelve-dollar can of paint and a super-hero.  Wonderful things.

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  1. Love it! It's fun to see you guys settle in.


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