Friday, December 9, 2011

Mysterious Plant Shoot

What could it be?

Several weeks ago, something spontaneously started growing.  And growing.  And growing.

I did not plant this mysterious shoot, or water it, or fertilize it.  And yet, it keeps growing.

You would think that with my black thumb, that it would die and wither away; like, almost all the herbs that I tried to start from seed last year.  Or, like the orange tree in the back yard that I have tenderly cared for...that will simply not bear fruit and grow one.  stinking.  inch.

But, oh no...this baby is determined!

What is it?

And, where does it come from?

And, where is it growing?

my potato/onion/garlic basket

Right here.  In my kitchen.  On top of my food cupboard.  Is...a sweet potato.  

A few weeks ago, I finally noticed it growing quite determinedly towards the ceiling.  I laughed and ignored it...obviously...

my sweet potato in all its growing glory

Since I have been quite lazy in the kitchen lately...opting to get take-out (a dollar a plate!) or resort to eating loads of PB&J sandwiches, scrambled eggs and toast...I have yet to turn on the oven to put this determined sweet potato out of its misery.

So, there it sits.  Hoping.  Reaching.  Expectant.  Verdant.  Simply hilarious.


  1. that is hilarious! I actually was showing M one we are growing in water yesterday so when I looked at the pic pre reading I thought - that looks like a sweet potato! No in NO way would have ever known that had I not been examining the leaves on ours yesterday - oh the things kids teach us. However ours in in water, we are trying to get it to grow so the kids can see the roots and growth and it is a stub! Apparently I need to take it out of the water and place it on a shelf :) - our place though is probably not as warm of a growing place as yours. It is a cool plant though, yesterday when we looked at it (I have never before slowed down to try to grow one or examine the leaves) I was amazed at how you can see the veins on the leaves - great science lesson :). OK teacher kicking in, amazement setting in, all that to to say I can't believe I actually knew what a plant was without being told! Happy growing and eating

  2. If it wants to grow that much, you should plant it in the garden!



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