Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Push-UP UPdate

This picture has nothing to do with push-ups.  It is just a bonus Christmas pic to try to convince you of my daughter's increasing cuteness.  I can't handle it!

The gratuitous Christmas update with tons o'photos is going to have to wait until later.  It is late, I am tired, and too lazy to edit and decide which ones to post.  It is hard when you have three little nuggets to photograph, and edit, and figure out which cute pictures to leave out because it would take a year to load the page.  Sigh.  I am a mom with thousands of pictures that might seem redundant and over-done to you but they are worth gold to me.  I am in denial that I might have to one day sort them through all and...sigh...print them or something practical like that.  Anybody else have an overflowing hard drive due to a picture-taking addiction?  Please raise your hand and join my club.  

After that run-on paragraph...I give you...the push-UP UPdate!:

Haven't read about my latest adventure into push-ups?  Click here to read that post.

So, almost two weeks ago, I started a first-ever real leap into trying push-ups.  I think there probably was, once or twice in my life, a time at which I attempted push-ups...only to fall flat on my face and declare  "never again!" 

But, since resuming my interest in rock climbing, I am realizing that I might not get to far into my hobby without a little effort on my part to do some sort of exercise on the side.  This revelation has come with great fear and trembling in my mind.  

On the other hand, my arms have not rebelled as my mind has.  I was, truly, surprised to move from my first week's goal of:
- One "girl" push-up a day (and)
- Five "table" push-ups a day

to (this past week)...
- Two girl push-ups/day
- Ten table push-ups/day.

I just might get crazy and keep this addition thing going and add some more this week:

Week #3 goal:
- Two girl push-ups in the morning and two at night
- Ten table push-ups in the morning and ten at night.

I am finding, not surprisingly, that my arms are feeling tighter (rather than my jeans ;)...and that after a few days of adding extra push-ups, I can add a bit more without too much extra strain.  

And, oddly enough, doing them right before bed (which is apparently a big exercise "no-no") is the best time for me.  I have this odd knack for remembering to do them right as I am brushing my teeth.  I don't understand the connection...but it works for me.

Want to start the push-up challenge with me?  Come on...even just ONE!  That's how I started. Take it from a novice and just take a risk!  By the end of the week, you might start looking at your self a different way.  I have.  


  1. Giddy up! Now the bad news... When you stop (for whatever circumstances) even for a week, then its hard to do the same amount again. So the moral is, don't stop ;)

  2. Thanks for the advice. I will have it ringing in my ears whenever I am tempted to "forget" to do them.


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