Sunday, December 25, 2011

As You Celebrate Christmas...Remember The Nations!

We had a great Christmas Day - more on that this week - but as (most of) you wake up this morning to celebrate the King...keep these pictures in mind as you pray throughout your day.  

Our neighbor's (a Western husband and a Thai wife) tree is decorated with lights in their front yard. In the center is Santa, surrounded by lights (my picture only captured a few lights - they were blinking!).  The string of lights are strung all the way over to my neighbor's spirit house.  I guess it needed a little extra decoration for the week.  Maybe the spirits will not be as "angered" if they have a little extra bling.

Christmas tree with Santa on the left, spirit house on the right.

The spirit house all lit up for the season.

Although Christmas in Thailand is, mostly, a time to get a jump start your New Year's shopping, most Thais don't know the real "reason for the season."  

88% of Thailand is considered completely unreached.  As you worship God today in your homes, in your churches, and in your hearts, please call out to Him to send laborers into the harvest field here.  Also, pray for us to shine His light boldly and to find the hungry so that Jesus can fill them.  

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