Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dating By Motorbike

2012 Specifications Honda Shadow Phantom
Treavor's dream bike: the Honda Phantom.  This is not what we ride!

There is nothing more fun, nowadays, than driving off into the night on Treavor's motorbike.  Usually, that kind of thrill only happens once a month or so.  Three years ago, every week on our date night, we would hop on the motorbike and ride away to have coffee, go to a movie, or induce memories of middle school by playing video games at the arcade together.  We weren't together in middle school, but you get the idea...

Moving twice and adding another child changes habits and the hunt to find babysitters every week can be rough.  Most date nights, we just stay at home and hope the kids will leave us alone after bedtime so we can have a real, uninterrupted conversation!  

With being at home most of the time with three truly precious, and sometimes difficult children; homeschooling, disciplining, potty-training, feeding, etc...most of the time all I want to do for our date night is ride off and go somewhere we've never gone before because most of my life is more. and. more. of. the. same.  

Last night, some friends offered to watch the kids for us while we went on a date.  Uh, yes!  

Treavor took me to have coffee (salted caramel, you are my new culinary love!) and dessert.  Afterwards,  he asked if there was anything else I wanted to do while we were out.  I just wanted to drive off into the proverbial sunset and not constantly check our watches.  When you ride on the motorbike here in Thailand, you begin to notice temperature changes in the atmosphere related to where you are in the city.  Near the city center, it is the same hot and sticky "normal" that it is most days here.  But, as you travel to the outskirts of the city, whipping past slow moving cars and bicycles...and eventually getting more into the gets cooler.  Bearable.  Easier to breathe.  

So, we drove around near the mountains and took a "short cut" down a road we've never been down before.  Treavor's gas gauge threatened to leave us stranded on the side of the road, but my husband was sure we'd make it back to civilization before it would leave us high and dry.  He was right.  

The further down the road we got, the less the lights bombarded us on the road.  The air became sweeter, full of smells of jasmine leaves and magnolia blooms.  The pavement eventually turned to mud and we decided to turn around.  Instead of turning again onto the main, well-traveled road, we took another unfamiliar turn and decided to follow it wherever it went!  We ended up driving for over an hour and seeing a huge part of our city and countryside that we have never enjoyed before.  The night air was romantic and it was gas money very well spent.  

Ditching the car for the motorbike makes me feel younger.  It makes me feel like we haven't been married for an eternity, or, at least, that I don't feel like I am actually turning 30 next year.  For some reason, dating by motorbike makes me feel young and adventurous.  I recommend it!

We're needing some new date night ideas other than the cliche dinner and a movie.  Have any ideas to share?  Comment below!  I can sense the sparks flying already...

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