Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lost In The Blogging World

Good afternoon, friends!

I should be checking on my laundry on the back porch, doing the dishes, and *finally* putting away my folded clothes from this week (points for actually folding them?  please?)...but, instead, I spent the last 45 minutes checking out other people's blogs.  Not just the ones I follow.  "Other" people's blogs.  I don't know them from Adam, or Eve, for that matter...but their blogs were linked to this blog that was linked from that blog that had a really cute button on this other blog I ran into.  Know what I mean?  Instead of catching up on how my friends are doing with their lives (what ever happened to real letters, anyway?  or, real emails, for that matter?  thank you, WWW)...I get distracted with the mass of strangers making their name in the blog world.  

Wait a minute, that gal has 2,000+ followers?  Sheesh!  She has 7 kids, and has her own DIY shop on Etsy and posts three-page articles on how to save the world through living granola...every day?  Exactly.  I feel like a loser already.  The trap of comparison captures me again.  (btw: you are blessed if the above woman actually happens to be you...way to go!  I just don't know if I can live up to quite the same speed as you!)

Having "just" three little munchkins running around...NOT making my own cool crafts...and still eating high fructose corn syrup (blasphemy!) suddenly makes me feel the weight of not being a successful me.  Wait, how did that happen!?  

Clicking those little "x"s on the window tabs of my Google chrome browser brings me back to reality.  And, laundry.  This is my "fleeing temptation" act and I'm stickin' with it today.  Instead of getting lost in the blogging world and looking at other's lives through a glossy screen filled with Photoshop-perfect pictures in sepia tint...I remember that I have a portion...a household...a family...a group of friends...a people group...assigned to me. I am responsible for how I view my life through the assignment God has given me.  Praise God - I just found freedom again!  

I am responsible only for the measure of grace that He has given me today.  No more.  No less.  

But we will not boast beyond limits, but will boast only with regard to the area of influence God assigned to us, to reach even to you.   2nd Corinthians 10:13

Back to the "grace" I have been given today - the blessed duty of laundry and dishes.  To do it faithfully and to, Lord willing, complete these tasks during the sacred two hours that we call "Nap Time," is my assignment and responsibility today.  What's yours?  

Go do it!


  1. Very well said. I find myself doing the same thing. And then to overcompensate and make myself feel better, I come up with weaknesses that I am SURE they must have. It's horrible. Thanks for the reminder. Hey, maybe we'll get to meet you when we're there visiting the Shores for a day next month?!

  2. so wonderful, Alina!! thank you for that!! i can get so under the condemnation of other women's amazing feats myself. you really nailed it. i love you!

  3. This is so great Alina. Just what I needed to hear this morning :)

  4. Thanks, guys, for your kind words! It is good to live for what we are called to, not what others are called to do in their lives. I am constantly searching for that freedom in my heart and mind.


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