Monday, October 10, 2011

The Lull Between Grades and a Cranky Baby

With the end of the Kindergarten year, there has been a lull in our home school.  I have a few extra subjects to catch up on that didn't get finished over the past school year, so we've been doing that off and on.  We're awaiting our next collection of school books that Treavor's mom has graciously packaged up for us.  It is hard to be patient.  As excited as the kids are to receive their new curriculum, I might be even more anxious than they are!  Opening a box jammed packed full of new stories, activities, and (I would say) occasions to dive deep into the wonderful world God has made for more fun than a new toy or some other treasure.  

Also, my precious little fireball of a daughter has had quite a tough week.  She is over 15 months now, and has been crying through her morning nap for a few weeks.  I finally clued in to the fact that she's giving up her morning rest and is...growing up.  I'm in denial.  Its a fact. 

In addition to becoming an insomniac, she's getting her first molar!  Imagine your gums being assaulted by incoming teeth.  Ow.  I'd be cranky, too.

So, for the past few days, we've started a modified school schedule for the mornings to keep sane.  Here 'goes...

9am - Bible time all together.  Kyla has to stay put in her walker chair until we're done with reading, praying and worship time.  Let me tell you, there is screaming involved.  We're training her to be content sitting still for more than two minutes.  For a toddler, this is torture - she hasn't gotten the memo yet that it is for her benefit to follow Philippians 4:11 "...I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances."  Excuse me, Paul, could you please talk with my daughter?  Thanks.

9:30am - Workbook/Coloring time.  My step-Momma, Eileen, found these awesome workbooks for 25 cents at a thrift store.  They're perfect for early readers practicing their handwriting and following direction skills.  If you think you have to spend loads of bucks on your school materials, you might be mistaken.  Check out thrift stores, garage sales, and the Internet for some awesome finds!

I have to keep Run at his desk in the corner of the room.  My highly distract-able son couldn't handle workbook time with  the other kids.

Huy is using a Little Einstein's shapes/colors/numbers workbook that we bought from 7-11 for 2 bucks or something ridiculously cheap.  Awesome!

Kyla's coloring time consists mainly of taking the crayons out of the box and putting them back in.  Whatever works!  She's occupied!

10am - Huy's play time with Kyla / Run studies Science and Reading with Mommy.  A few years back, I read in Managers of Their Homes about siblings having scheduled play times with the babies to occupy them and set aside "special" times of connection.  Huy gets excited that he has his "own" time with the baby.  While they play in the school room, Run and I sit on the couch and go over whatever on the menu for the day.  Sure, Kyla toddles over every now and then to check up on us, but Huy, almost 4 years old, steers her back to the play area to distract her from what we're doing.  It works for now!

"Playing" Animal Dominoes together.  What a pair.

10:30am - Huy's Computer time / Run continues school work with Mom / Kyla's play pen time. is the coolest computer site for my preschooler (and even Run still loves it!)  We have been going there for years now to learn letter, phonics reading, etc. - and are pleased to find that they have expanded their website for subscribers!  The basics are still free - but they have added more computer books, songs, nursery rhymes, math, and loads of other stuff for only $30/year.  We bought a subscription and I still can't believe all that Huy has been learning through it.  Fantastic!  Check it out if you've never been - and if you have but haven't subscribed yet, seriously consider this small investment for your little ones.  Well worth it! 

Kyla gets to watch Huy while he learns at Starfall.  She loves it!

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Pre-school is serious stuff.

The new "normal."  Can't wait to see how it is going to evolve once we jump into a fuller morning school schedule, but until then, we're keeping busy and having fun.  

What ways have you found a little structure to help the day pass smoothly?  I love comments.  Share yours!

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  1. I've been waking up and reading through a devotional book by Jen Hatmaker called "Out of the Spin Cycle" - girl, it is so good, and funny. I also like to journal, but the trick is getting up and going before K and A and we both know that I am NOT a morning person! I do a workout class on MWF from 9-10 am, then we hang out at the park, feeding ducks and such. On T/Th to keep the routine up we take a walk/run around the neighborhood about the same time.


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