Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Box Day!

Our first (of two) boxes with our new school books from Sonlight came in the mail yesterday!  Happy Box Day!  I mentioned in this post about how hard it is to be patient.  It surely is.  Since finishing Kindergarten with Run, we've been waiting for our next set of curriculum.  During the wait, I did some random school stuff with the kids, went on shopping trips, adventured to the market, had play dates with friends...oh, and I was sick for a whole week!  Who knows what Treavor did with the kids while I was stuck upstairs?  They still have all their limbs intact, so I am satisfied.  

Any-who...the first box (thanks for sending it, Mom!) had all our math books, manipulatives (I always laugh when I say that) and my terribly-large binder of curriculum.  It is a workout just picking that thing up.  By the end of the year, my son will be smarter and maybe I'll have toned arms, who knows?  Mom even threw in some cute clothes for Kyla and Huy's Thumb guard in the box!

Check out that cutie!  New panda princess jammies.  We are entering into the world of girly-stuff.  

Pray for Huy.  He loves to suck his thumb!  Hopefully the Thumb Guard will break the habit!

After we emptied the box, we realized another surprise the box turns into a castle!

They were so excited to cut out this thing.  Sonlight is the coolest.

Close-up inside view

Simple enough, right?

Why not add a dancing baby to your castle-making?

Or a dancing pre-schooler, for that matter?

Almost done!  

The finished product.  After a little duct tape, this sucker is ready to go! Let the imaginary play begin!

It was a fun little surprise to find a castle waiting for us inside the box.  I bet you can make your own!  Looks simple enough, right?  For the crafter-at-heart, this is a cinch...but for the artistically-challenged me, it was an easy way to turn a boring, empty box into a boy's dream.  All I did was cut and stick it together with duct tape, but Run said, "I just can't believe you did this,'re awesome!"

A great beginning to the start of first grade!

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  1. excited for this school year to begin. you're a great mama and teacher! what a wonderful box!


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