Saturday, November 5, 2011

Changing The "-ings"

my real gas gauge.  permanently broken.  we constantly have to guess how full our tank is.  maybe we should take the same cues in life.

In two days, we are taking our first camping trip as a family.  We are in great need of a vacation right now.  I am up to my ears in "to do's" and doings: washing, teaching, picking up, drying clothes, sweeping, mopping, wiping, cooking, organizing, spanking, running errands...the list goes on. Treavor has been busy meeting, praying, worshipping, sharing the good news, studying, encouraging and networking.  A lot of "-ings."  

This next week, our "-ings" will transfer to some more restful and fun activities, for sanity's sake...
Playing, sleeping, eating, reading, being quiet, hiking, making fires, grilling hot dogs, swimming, resting, laughing, sharing, exploring, etc.

After a few days of being in the outdoors (help me, Jesus...I am more of the "stay in the bungalow at the campground type" than the "tent type"...we are sleeping in tents next week)...we are planning to take another couple days to have a stay-cation at our house.  We'll eat out and do tourist-y things around town that we haven't done before: Bug World (a request from the boys), a tuk-tuk ride around downtown's must-see spots, the aquarium, etc.

Basically, we will be filling our tanks instead of emptying them.  Humans were not made to be machines.  We cannot run forever like the Energizer bunny...although we'd like to be able to, sometimes!

If the concept of filling your tank to prevent "burnout" from Life is something that interests you...take a virtual trip over to my friend, Joy's, blog here.  She linked up to a great teaching on the subject.  Also, read some of her other posts.  You will be super-blessed by her vulnerable and honest writing style!

How do you fill your tank?  What are you doing now that empties it more than your life can handle?  Feel free to share in the comments below.  Your answer could shed light into someone else's life as well as your own.


  1. Funny how people in different seasons of life have completely different perspectives. I long for what you are in need of getting away from. I'd love to be in a regular, homey routine of things to do. Mainly because if I am in that kind of a routine that means I'm in a working/functioning home. Our house is pretty empty right now (and cold!) so getting into any kind of "routine" (apart from the things I do to keep sane) is just SO hard when there's no comfy couch to sit on, no coffee or end table to put my drink on, no dinner table to set, no working washer/drying to get the clothes cleaned in the house, no shelves to dust, the list goes on.

    Of course, we do have a sort of routine, things we do everyday such as time with the Lord (personal and family), taking the boys to pre-K, picking them up for lunch, taking them back, picking them up again, figuring out what to do before making dinner and making dinner. That pretty much sums up my regular week day! Bleh. I know sounds like I am in dire need of some heart changes!

    And, God is helping me with that. He simply has me in a season where I get to focus on thanking him for what I DO have. Blessed to have such good, quality time with him each day. Put in a place where I have no choice but to trust him for every single thing, in every single way. I have been so thankful for his mercies new every morning and his compassion for his children. I am comforted by verses like Lam. 3:22. He is faithful and I am so thankful!

    Bless you in your time of rest and fun, Alina! May you get filled to the brim! :)

  2. Janice - you are right! There is a season for everything, right? I remember that time for us oh so well! Thanks for sharing about where you are at. It is good to hear it and gain some fresh perspective for my own life! Blessings as you wait for God to work miracles. He's good at it!


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