Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Centipedes and Snakes In Suburbia

Within 24 hours, we've had two critter sightings our house.  Since moving from the southern part of Thailand, and away from our own private jungle mountain, I hoped knew that we would be seeing less creepy-crawly things around.  So far, living in Thai suburbia has its upsides in that area, but the last day has proved a little jarring on my nerves.  Good thing Treavor was around to beat things for me.  What a good husband.  :)

Last night, while filling up the mini-tub for Huy's bath, I saw something crawling out from behind the toilet.  Within two seconds, I ushered Huy to safety at the threshold of the bathroom as I yelled to Treavor to come to our rescue.  A huge, according to my standards, centipede was making it's way towards us.  Well, that's how it felt.  With the babies out of death's reach (again, that's how it felt), Treavor proceeded to choose his killing weapon.  What was it?  A pink baby potty, of course.

After coaxing it out of it's new hiding spot, he severed it in two and allowed me to get a quick video.  I sure you will be so very afraid:

Hey!  These things aren't to be taken lightly - really!

Actually, they can't kill anybody, but a sting from one of Thailand's many types of centipedes can leave you swollen and in pain for hours, sometimes days.  I don't exactly want to take care of a screaming kid in tremendous pain, swollen for days.  Right?

At least it wasn't one of these:

Scolopendra - the giant centipede of Thailand

Thankfully, what was crawling around my bathroom was only mildly dangerous.  The type above (I have yet to see one of these - and hope I never will!)...the "Scolopendra" has a sting that has been known to make a grown man cry...even after a morphine shot.

Moving on...

So, today as I walked outside to our porch to check on my laundry, I was admiring our newly cut grass and noticed some strange movement.  I took a second look and, low and behold, a snake slithers through the grass to check out my lemongrass bush.  What?

I, as always, ran to find Treavor, and demanded asked him to kindly dispose of our new reptile friend in the backyard.  He, calmly, as always, goes to grab the shovel...all with a curious smile.  The snake I spotted didn't look like anything I had seen before, or studied before after several snake sightings/killings.  Thankfully, the all-too-familiar stance of a cobra was not appearing...or anything that pops up on the 10 Deadliest Snakes List on the Internet.  But, today I was not in the mood for taking chances. 

That's what my husband is for!

Striped Kukri Snake, mid-beating.

Treavor moved him to a trash can for closer inspection.  Poor guy had a broken back.  I wasn't sad at all.  (And, yes, that is a Thai massage brochure!)

Treavor, who had compassion.  He grabbed the shovel to put it out of it's misery.  

And then...guess who grabbed it next?
...and then he did this!  That kid gives me a heart attack almost daily.  (Note to Grandma: didn't actually enter his mouth.  Don't worry)

So...good news:  This snake turned out to be non-venomous.  Praise the good Lord...

It is a Striped Kukri Snake (click for info), and there are several different kinds of these found throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia.  They eat frog and lizard eggs, and rodents.  Not people.  And, definitely not small children.  *sigh of relief*

He seems harmless enough.  The next time one of these guys comes in the yard, I might let it get away without a fight.  Or, at least, let my husband rest instead of asking him to go fight it for me.  

I am brave like that.

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  1. hahahaha....btw, the silver and gold fingers place is pretty great! and there's a great mani/pedi place right close that isn't too shabby either!


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