Monday, November 28, 2011

They ARE Listening...

For the most part, my kids tend to follow me a lot: my tone of voice, my choice of words, my facial expressions, my opinions of others, and even what I like to eat.  All of this can be really good...or really bad!  Just think about it a second...exactly.  Think about a troupe of mini-You's running around like little mirrors projecting your life in front of you.  Hopefully, every parent dreams that the kids will "eat the meat and spit out the bones" of how they live.  We hope.

Thankfully, this morning I saw some projections that delighted me instead of frightening me (praise God!):

Bible Time...we had just finished reading in Mark 5:21-43 about the woman who, after twelve years of sickness, was left penniless and worse-off at the hands of many doctors who tried, with no success, to heal her. She was desperate...her life was over...she was rejected by her culture who declared her "unclean"...and there was no one left for her to turn to...

...except Jesus.

Jesus was coming to town - and in Mark 5, we read about her boldness to take a step of faith to simply touch his garments.  Her hope was to be healed.  Her faith, mingled with the power of Jesus, made her well.  He even said it that plainly.  Her life was whole again.

We ended our Bible Time and turned to prayer.  I mentioned to Jeshurun and Huy that we should intercede for my mother, who is very sick right now.  Without success, many doctors have attempted to cure her ailments.  She is, in many ways, like the woman in Mark 5.  The boys were up for it, and we started to pray out-loud, taking turns, for their Grannie.  

Jeshurun prayed one of the most heart-felt, truth-filled prayers I have ever heard him pray.  He repeated bits of scripture over her, spoke out in faith, prayed for her heart and soul, and basically was filled with emotion.  At one point, he teared up and almost started to cry.  Hallelujah.

Huy, much to my surprise and enjoyment, prayed quietly in whispers and mumblings.  At first, I thought he was just speaking unintelligibly, or I thought he was trying to mimic Jesus' Aramaic from the Mark 5 passage: "Talitha koum!" (which means "Little girl, I say to you, get up!").  But, then, it occurred to me that he was mimicking us, his parents; when we pray in tongues.  Uh oh.  I might have just stepped on a few toes, there.  Don't be afraid.  :)  Just now, actually, I asked Huy if he was doing this because he hears us pray this way throughout the day.  He grinned and answered, "Yes!"  He is ready for God to give him his own prayer language.  Every day, I am in wonder at their steps toward knowing Jesus.

They ARE listening.  This time, they were influenced by some positive things about the way that we live life, attempting to walk in step with Jesus.  It makes me more aware of what they are silently observing, day in and day out, in our home.  Live-in accountability at its finest.

Take an account of your day today and your interactions with others.  Are they encouraging others to take a step more towards the Holy One...or away?  Help us, Lord!

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  1. Alina, I started tearing up when I read about your boys' fervant prayers. So precious. And so encouraging! Keep up the good work! love, hayley


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