Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Vacation 2011 - Part Two - Bring on the cheese...

We have become that family.  The family whose portraits are comprised of cutesy (or, some would say, tacky) snapshots of superimposed animals or famous backgrounds, or even printed on a souvenir plate or t-shirt.  

See what I mean?...

Us "with" the pandas at the zoo.  I love that Run and Kyla look a little unsure.  

And then there's this one...

Notice that we are "in" with the undersea animals at the aquarium.  Also, would you take a look at our stereo-type Asian peace signs...and who is that kissing Run?

Exactly.  The cheese factor is as high as it gets right now.  But, guess what?  I love it!

My kids look at these pictures and smile!  They have these memories of our vacation and get excited.  These cute family portraits, when looked upon in the future, will bring back those happy memories and stories.  

At least until they're teens...and then they might resent us for them, but, who cares?  They'll get over it.

We had a blast at the zoo and aquarium on on the fourth day of our vaca.  The kids spent their watching sharks and stingrays being fed by scuba divers, admiring white tigers, and seeing all the weird looking sea creatures from their Plant Earth videos up close.  Jeshurun said that he couldn't believe he was seeing real, live Mexican Axolotls.  

By far, that day was probably my fav of our whole stay-cation.  The kids had a fun time, too, I guess...

One of the real pandas.  "Everybody was kung fu fighting..."

Outside the aquarium there was a lake with these floating Zorb balls to spin from the inside.  Run was in his element.

Surprised this guy didn't lose a finger!

Huy with a white tiger in the background.  Awesome!

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  1. Hahaha. Those pictures are GREAT!


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