Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy Bees

Go, John, View, Huy, Alina, Kyla and Run before we started off on a boat ride together!  We have loved growing close in friendship with this family - and they are awesome followers of Jesus!  We will miss them terribly.

The cave we visited.  It was spectacular.

Up the coast, we stopped at a restaurant, had fruit drinks and checked out the "fish farm."  Can you believe this blow fish!?

Wild monkeys on the edge of the water.  The driver threw them some rambutan and they posed long enough for some pictures.  We love monkeys!

In a word, we are busy.  Busy packing.  Busy visiting.  Busy cleaning, arranging, throwing away, and selling.  Busy eating, hugging and saying goodbye.

But, thankfully, we're not busy pulling out our hair! 


In two days, we will be packing all our things on to a moving truck (oh why, oh WHY did they choose to come at 6am?  they first suggested 4am...I'm not kidding.).  Then, we will say a tearful goodbye to our home, our friends and our dinky little town.  I will be honest to say that I will miss this place SOOO much.  Moving is exciting, but the unknown feels a little unstable sometimes.  Other than our close friends, the S-clan, we know only two other families who live there.  That means that basically, we're starting over again.  New city (we've actually never even been there yet!).  New house.  New neighborhood.  New vision for work.  And, even, a new dialect of Thai to learn. 

When I choose to look at things more optimistically...I can describe this move as so:

New opportunities.  New friends.  New adventures.  New people who have never heard of Jesus.  New, excited, ready, open eyes and hearts in our family.  Moving does that to you.  It awakens you.  It is no longer walking up the same stairs in your house, the same aisle in the grocery store or market, saying an apathetic "hi" to your same neighbors.  Moving causes you to be more alert, more expectant, hopeful. 

I am ready for that!

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