Friday, July 15, 2011

Goodbye Bananas, Hello Uncertainty

Some of our banana trees fell over two days ago.  Gale-force winds were blowing furiously the night before and we woke up to quite a mess in the front yard.  The rain had water-logged our lawn and everything looked crazy and prophesied of hours of work cutting, raking and burning to clean it up.  I was sad for about two seconds until I realized - hey, we're moving in two weeks!  I wouldn't even be around to miss them!

And, then, I realized that I didn't even know WHAT my next yard would look like.  Or, if my new dwelling would even have a yard.  I wouldn't miss *attempting* to help keep up with yard work, but then again, living in a concrete jungle again would almost certainly drive me bonkers.

Having space.  Green grass.  Fruit trees (10 plus!).  Endless species of wildlife (welcome and unwelcome).  A small garden.  These are things I have gotten used to over the past year.

We're knee-deep in the (online) house hunting process, and hope to decide next week.  Until then, it is a good distraction trying pack up our things, say goodbye to friends and disciples, while still trying my best to manage a household.

But, as we plan a move to the north of Thailand - and look ahead to the next few years, I have no idea what's in store.  Then again, who ever really does?

I was blown away with the space of my first house, filled with peace and rest upon settling into the second house, and I am sure that there are great surprises in store for the third.  

So, goodbye bananas and, hello...something better!

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