Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 Things I Like Today

1.  My fat baby (see above).  We've always wanted a chunky little girl.  Now we have one. 

2.  The smell of fresh-cut grass.

3.  The husband who made my lawn to smell like fresh-cut grass rather than smelling like terribly-overgrown grass.  If terribly-overgrown grass has a smell.

4.  Books on audio.  So I can feel accomplished and doze at the same time!

5.  Friends like Stephanie who I can be myself with.

6.  Stephanie's four cute kiddos who I will love forever.

7.  The sun!  Now I can finally dry out all my laundry!  That mountain by the laundry-area will finally see a bigger dent.

8.  That God created the Sabbath for man.  Our Sabbath is tomorrow.  I'm a little excited to see my husband for the whole day!

9.  Kleenex with lotion. aching nose.

10.  Anyone who happens to read my blog.  I like you today!  Thanks for stopping by! 

What do you like today?  Comment - I really want to know!


  1. I like the sun and the beach =)

  2. I like it that you invited me to be your FB friend! thanks : )


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