Sunday, April 17, 2011


A very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road.  The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted,
   “Hosanna to the Son of David!”
   “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
   “Hosanna in the highest heaven!”
When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked, “Who is this?”

...from the book of Matthew 21:8-10

This morning, we cut palm branches, read an old story from Matthew, and worshipped the Lord on our front porch to commence "Holy Week."  Ever since last year, when we did this for the first time, Huy's favorite worship song is "Hosanna" by Hillsong.  Without fail, when we ask for a song request, he wants to sing this sweet song and fan his arms up and down like we did with our palm branches. 

We talked about how the people of Jerusalem prepared the way for the King of Kings to parade down the road, once muddy, adorned with their own cloaks and with thickly-laid palm branches - a makeshift "red carpet" set out for royalty. 

Then, we talked about how if Jesus were to come down our road today, that we would prepare the best for Him.  We would give Him our finest, and worship Him unabashedly. 

As the world reflects on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ this week - think about how you can give Him your best!

What are you doing this week in reflection and celebration?  Share about it below:

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