Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It is worth it!

My baby is sick.

She has a fever, a dry cough, a fussy disposition, and a voice that sounds like a 60-year old smoker.  I cannot tell you how funny it is when she says "Mama!  Dada!" or "Amen!" with a raspy sound.

But, the rest is not-so-funny because she is wanting to be held constantly while she's awake.  Who's to blame her when she's achy and miserable?  But, for a chronic multi-tasker like me, this is hard to swallow.  Both of my boys have played well independently once they learned to sit up, but Kyla is an co-dependent extrovert at heart.  Especially when ill.

So, my biceps are getting toned from all the hip-carrying - and she's getting to witness just about every part of my day being right by my side.  Laundry.  Cooking.  Phone calls.  Blogging.  Two days ago, she slapped her hands on the keyboard and the shift key and the "Fn" key (whatever that is) went flying in the air.  I am thankful for a handy husband who can fix such blunders.  Otherwise, that "to do" would have been added to my mile-long list of things to fix, clean, buy, organize, etc....I digress.

The Ergo carrier that we bought last year is definitely getting some mileage...she spent a good 4 or 5 hours on my back yesterday as I attempted to manage the house. 

And, when I hold her and pray for her as she goes down for her nap each day, I am reminded of how precious she is to me.  As Treavor was leaving to attend a meeting yesterday, I complained "Oh, I am just never going to get anything done today."  He shot back - "What?  You ARE getting something done!  You're taking care of our baby!" 

Sometimes, I forget that moms have limits.  They don't have to be Superwoman.  They don't have to being doing three things at once in order to be successful (even though I almost feel "lazy" if I'm JUST feeding the baby, or JUST cooking dinner or JUST doing the dishes).  I whip out my phone to check up on someone, or read my emails, or try and teach my 5 year old math while I'm chopping vegetables.  Doing all of that is fine.  But, when I am limited to just enjoy one task at a time, I feel like I'm cheating or something.  Does anyone else ever feel that way?

So, Treavor's comment helped me to be "in the moment" yesterday.  My nerves calmed.  I actually made eye contact with my children.  I listened to their stories.  In the end, they were loved.  And, I was a happier mommy.

How have you learned to enjoy life lately?  To feel free to love people more fully, but still do what you're made to do?  Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Oh girl, that was me with my first kiddo. SOOOOOOOO hard! I can totally relate with being a "doer", too! For me it is a total challenge when I feel all I can do is "just" take care of the kids but Treavor is totally right--it IS doing something, and doing something very valuable.

    Love you girl!


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