Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cold Weather = Chicken Soup

The aroma of chicken soup is wafting out of my crock pot as I type this.  The naan bread dough is rising beside the pot, and I am quite eager to dig in, cook it, eat it and not share one bit.  But, I have to exercise self-control.  That is hard when it is cool, rainy and dreadfully dark inside of our house at 3:30pm in the afternoon. 

A neighbor friend of ours is pregnant and very very close to her due date - we'll call her Grace.  I saw her this morning, and she said she just encountered a big scorpion in their house (locals leave their windows and doors open pretty much all day to let in the breeze).  She said she wasn't brave enough to kill it herself, so she called her husband over to beat it reeeeal good.  I was happy for her because whenever I see anything crawling in the house, be it an ant or a giant spider (or a slug, centipede, katydid, snail, you name it...everything comes in here!), I call for the boys or for Treav to come and dispose of it rightly.  My sons are learning to be brave because their mother usually isn't! 

Anyway, our friend Grace will be feasting on my chicken soup and bread tonight because I remember that all I wanted to do at 9 months into my pregnancies was put up my feet, kick back and order out! 

If I could get my camera working rightly, I would post a pic of my sweet friend...but that will have to be for another day.

What do you crave when it's cold and rainy outside?  When you live overseas like us, recipes, or just even great ideas, are priceless.  Please post with your favorites!

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  1. We're so funny! I think we've been here too long because when it's rainy and cold outside the whole family wants to eat jok and patongo! Yes, I know, we're a little strange. ; )


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